How To Manage Your Height Gain Process?

18 Jun

In this modern era, it is quite interesting to note that tall men are more attractive and stronger. When girls think of guys, they tend to revolve around terms like “tall, dark and handsome”. If you wish to be the dream boy of many hot girls, you should be ready to boost your height! Well, does this sound possible or out of the blue? Unlike “The Weight”, it is quite difficult to add some inches to our height! Growing taller is easy said than done. The process depends on many factors like “attitude”, “posture”, “diet”, “confidence” and “lifestyle”. So, how to grow taller naturally?

A Taller Tomorrow – Great Food!

The body depends on what it takes in. Individuals with healthy eating habits will definitely enjoy a better health than others! Conversely, men who wish to become taller should be careful with their dietary routines. If you wish to grow taller naturally, your diet must have lots of nutritional meals. The food items should develop your body to its maximum potential. As the body’s vigor gets enhanced, your overall height would increase. Common ingredients that will help you grow taller would be calcium and vitamins. Thus, it is wise to consume lots of cheese varieties, milk, meats and proteins. These are considered as rich sources of proteins.

A Hale and Hearty Lifestyle

Secondly, you should follow a hale and hearty lifestyle. Busy men and lazy women will not be able to reach their utmost height! Good growth is often linked with 8 to 11 hours of sleep. The Human Growth Hormone alias HGH requires lots of sleep. The hormone will not functionally properly, if you avoid several hours of uninterrupted sleep. On the other hand, when you sleep properly, HGH would be released effectively. As a result, your height will develop gradually. Parents with young kids should stress on the importance of sleep, if you want tall kids!

An Active Person – The Right Exercises

It is quite evident that proper exercises will help you become tall. Exercises the stretch your bones, maintain your muscles and handle your tissues will increase your overall height. For instance, cycling is a great way to boost your height naturally. Experts state that frequent cycling induces a slow height-gain process. This is because you would stretch your leg muscles, while reaching the cycle’s pedals. This will elongate the leg muscles and make you taller.

Similarly, pull ups are regarded as a great exercise to boost your height. This is a very specific and difficult workout routine. When you hang on a bar, your spine will be stretched. This would elongate the spine and increase your vertical length. Likewise, youngsters are advised to play ball games for many reasons. Ball games that have lots of stretching and jumping will enhance your overall height. As an ardent sportsperson, I became extremely tall due to basketball. The game’s wild jumps and tricky stretches increased my body length. Meanwhile, swimming and rope skipping proves to be effective. These are crucial exercises that affect the spine’s length. Of course, you should do the workouts properly for better results.

Stand Upright! – The Posture

Moving on, you should correct your posture! There is an indispensible bond between postures and the height. When you want to become tall, you should adopt a healthy posture. Patrons with hunchbacks will lose several inches of their height. Nevertheless, by doing yoga, you can recover most of these inches!

Ultimate Bottom Line

Our height is managed, controlled and monitored by the HGH. If you wish to become tall, you should take care of HGH! As the hormone’s production increases, you will have the wit to reach a maximum height! I hope, this article answered your question “How to grow taller” naturally.

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Two Interesting Exercises To Increase Your Height!

12 Nov

When it comes to height gain, a lot of people wonder if kicking and cycling would help. Well, in my journey towards height-gain, the foremost exercises did help! I was extremely short during my late teens. I was forced to cope up with straightforward teasing and lots of frustrations! Consequently, my mother asked me to join kick boxing. In the beginning, I considered this as a crazy idea; however, after three months of intense training my height increased by 4 inches. Kick boxing proved to be an effective method that works towards height gain. Apart from its fun filled nature, kick boxing has helped me reap so many growth benefits! However, the exercise should be done every day.

Increase your Height by Kicking!

If you want kicking to increase your height, you should follow special routines. For instance, if you perform frequent punches you will acquire better results than thigh-based workouts. My coach asked me to perform 100 punches every day. I dreaded the entire process, before realizing its height-oriented benefits. If you don’t have a good punch bag, you should perform standard snap-kicks. These kicks are extremely famous in karate. So how does a snap kick work?

  1. Initially, lift your knee. Let the shin and foot flick out.
  2. Secondly, bring your foot to the raised knee position and snap down!
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 few times. Swap the process between both your legs.

Few facts about Snap Kicks

Snap Kicks are easy said than done. If you feel tired and exhausted, you should rest for few days. Don’t strain your body with painful snap kicks. Instead, let it recovery and grow naturally. As you recover, you will be ready for bigger and stronger snap kicks! Meanwhile, the phase of recovery will boost your height. During this time, small micro cracks in the bones and cartilage would be healed, resulting in elongated tissues.

An interesting type of Kicking – Pendulum Kicks

Another interesting kick that enhances the height would be “The Pendulum Kick”. The special routine imitates the pendulum. You should swing your leg up with ankle weights. The kick focuses on the thigh; thus, it will make your femur bone longer. The pendulum kick must be done properly. An improper move will strain your thighs and result in intense pain.

How does intense exercising help?

As mentioned previously, all these exercises work by creating micro fractures in the bones. This is why you should have a respite and recuperation period! After the phase of recovery, your bones would become longer and stronger, adding few extra inches to your height.

Benefits of Cycling

Another fascinating exercise that increases the height would be cycling. The workout targets the thighs and increases the height. If you consider cycling as a part of your daily rituals, you will revitalize your overall health. The exercise is a lot more effective than many small workouts. Thus, short people should incorporate cycling into their day-to-day fitness plan.

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Man Made Versus Natural Leg Lengthening Methods

12 Nov

Do you wish to grow taller quickly? Are you desperate to reach your maximum height potential? Are you tempted to do a leg lengthening surgery? If yes, this article is for you! It is quite true that surgery will help you increase your height by few inches. However, it is not wise to consider it as your only option towards height gain. The surgery is not going to be a pleasant experience. Instead, it is an expensive process that involves lots of risks! Moreover, the planet has a very small number of surgeons, who specialize in the leg lengthening surgery. By definition, the surgery breaks the legs and places a metal plate near the “man-made-fracture”. As time passes, the bones would heal and cover the gap. This results in longer and stronger legs. Nevertheless, the surgery’s recovery phase is unpredictable.

Drawbacks of Leg Lengthening Surgeries

Few interesting drawbacks of the leg lengthening surgery would be as follows:

  1. The recovery process may extend from few weeks to several months. An unsuccessful recovery will ruin the entire procedure.
  2. Sometimes, you may end up with weaker legs!
  3. People who spend most of their time walking, running and jogging, may end up breaking the artificial structure.
  4. In few cases, the bones have growth back with a twist. This has made recovery painful and long!

A natural remedy

So how will you become taller, without this unpleasant leg lengthening procedure? Can you add few inches to your height naturally? Can patrons enhance their height within few short weeks? As a fitness guru, I believe that there are several natural leg lengthening methods.

A smooth Phase of Exercises

When you wish to grow tall naturally, you must break the bone’s micro fibers. These fibers heal at a rapid rate! The shin has a very high concentration of micro fibers. When these fibers break and heal, you can expect new bones that are stronger and longer. When compared against the surgery, this process is less painful and faster. To break these micro fibers, you should do lots of exercises. Fitness regimes that induce pressure and stress on the bones will break the micro-fibers. Common workouts like sprinting, kicking and running would break the micro-fibers painlessly. However, you should not overdo the workouts and injure yourself. Instead, you should understand your body’s physical power. Caliber your strength and kick start a smooth phase of exercises for a taller tomorrow!


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